A Haiku

When the petals fell
She gathered them, child's play
And wove the path home. John Paul Lederach

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Trudy Sharkey

Some had to wait days after the bomb for confirmation that a missing relative was dead.

The Memorial Garden

Patsy and Michael Gallagher share their thoughts about the memorial garden in Omagh. Frank Sweeney was the Arts and Culture Officer for the council when the memorial garden was commissioned. He also commissioned Petals of Hope.

Boris Pinto, the surgeon's son.

Monday 17 February 2014

The Council Workers

Tons of floral tributes to the dead of the Omagh Bomb were gathered up by council workers, to enable artist Carole Kane and schoolchildren to turn them into paper and make artworks from them.


Lorna Martin is a member of a Creative Writing group which meets in Omagh library.

A Poem by Kathy O'Donnell

Kathy O'Donnell's reflection on Truth and Reconciliation. Kathy is a member of a Creative Writing Group that meets in Omagh Library.

In the Memorial Garden

Nicola Watt has wrote this reflection of Peace and Justice after a visit to the Omagh Bomb Memorial Garden,